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We are bombarded with content all day long. As stated.. "after you’re done reading this you’ll probably go check your ad-filled Facebook feed. Then Instagram. Then Snapchat. Then email. Then Netflix." How do you want to stand out and be remembered throughout this hypothetical person's day?


Fascinating look into some highly successful ambassador programs and the perks that these new companies are employing. Great insights if you use social media as a main chanel for growth.


Some good marketing basics on staying fresh and constant in the minds of your potential customers with "familiarity bias" via social media and retargeting. Also interesting of note, there are 50 million small businesses on Facebook.


Fascinating insight into the gaming sector. Gamers (today's millenials) use YouTube as their number #1 destination for finding content that influences their purchasing decision. We see that this behavior is not only confined to the gaming industry, but numerous other sectors as well, such as, cosmetics, electronics, services, etc. Consumers put more trust into video than text and YouTube is the destination to see reviews from sites or trusted people 


Great tips on how to a better public speaker including interestings bits about breathing from your belly, practicing, remembering that you're there to help the audience, and including interesting visuals to draw people away from you.


Welcome to version 2. As you can see the biggest change was to the home page. The old page has been converted to a landing page. The news section also has been updated with new features such as radioactivity of popular nodes as well as trends. Search filters have been optimized with some tweaks to node relationships.


Sometimes as an entrepreneur you will encounter self-doubt about your idea or product offering, or even overall acceptance of your concept in the marketplace. As a business owner, this could be, “’Should I increase pricing?’ or ‘Should I offer service X versus service Y?’” In our case with OpenOrbit, I was questioning our focus on video as one of our primary drivers to differentiate from our competitors. Would video content production be too technologically difficult to grasp and implement for mom-and-pop businesses out there? Not only recording video, but I questioned the feasibility of having grandma doing video post-production work on her computer for her stay-at-home eBay business.

Moreover, I realized that regardless of what type of external economic conditions that may exists, there are business owners out there that are struggling, not knowing if or when they will be able to pay themselves, or even if they’ll be able to make payroll for their employees. However, I am reminded of the belief that business owners, regardless of size, revenue, or background, share a common characteristic of a never-say-die attitude. They will try anything and everything possible to succeed.

In our current technological climate, I believe the ease and accessibility of video software and online video production offerings will continue to lower the barrier of adoption of small business video production. Moreover, the multitude of cheap and free video production offerings and the accompanying plethora of video how-to websites will lead small business owners to realize the amazing ROI for their time and effort in making their videos.

Ultimately, what we already see are some early adopters capitalizing on the convergence of tools such as FlipHD camcorders, iMovie, and YouTube. I see small business owners out there making commercials for their services using everything from cellphones to point-and-shoot cameras. I have seen entire movies filmed using only the iPhone 4. The ingenuity of people and specially business owners is what really drove me to move forward with OpenOrbit; I am excited to see what people are capable of when faced with no technological expertise and limited resources.

With that said, we here at OpenOrbit feel that we should kick-start the entire process by offering free post-editing work to business owners who submit their recordings. I realize that if everything goes well, the queue and workload for us would be overwhelming; however, the task will be extremely rewarding as it goes hand-in-hand with our mantra of Helping Grow Business. I hope some of you more technically savvy business owners can help your own business network by referring us to businesses that may not have the means to produce their own content. So go ahead and tell your customers and vendors about how easy it is to have their own video on OpenOrbit! We’d appreciate it!

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