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Moz's interesting content marketing scoring system. They talk about how hard it is to do analytics for content marketing. How do you know your content marketing piece was successful? And the trap of thinking that if something gets a lot of likes, then it must be successful. Read more to learn to see the forest from the trees.


Display social proof on your website by todays standards is the bare minimum. Here is a good list of 17 types of social proof you can display.  Make sure you have good variety of different types to display on your landing page but make sure you dont overclutter.


Learn from startup founder how little tweaks to his landing page produced meaningful results to his conversion. Particularly getting rid of more obstacles to potential users on signup and making the page mobile focused first.


Micro copy is small pieces of text on your website. Such as form labels, buttons, etc. Learn how to optimize and tweak these minor bits and pieces to influence your conversion.


Learn about web scraping, an advanced lead generation technique. Target online communities for key influencers and discover major topics of interest.