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Daniel Traver


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President at The Green Thumb Agency



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As of January 2013 I started my New Marketing Company Called The Green Thumb Agency (GTA). The birth right of the agency came from a deep rooted understanding and knowledge of Multicultural Marketing.

The experience of Traver Hispanic Marketing Group gave us the foundation and desire to start thinking about how Millennials should be marketed to.

Green Thumb's philosophy is that it takes deep rooted market insights + tailored experiences
to disrupt, engage & inspire consumers into becoming loyal shoppers. By planting the seed in the right spot and cultivating experiences Millennials will not feel marketed to but instead feel engaged.

GTA helps brands strategize creatively to bring to life Brand attributes that will engage and inspire shoppers to become loyal brand advocates.

We have staffing teams that we call Cultivators all over the US and we are expanding our reach day by day. We don't only staff but we help our Brand Clients Identify their need state and creatively begin to strategize how we can capture and engage the mindset of the Elusive Millennial.

We don’t force Brands into environments, rather adapt the Brand to seamlessly be part of the market without losing it’s core attributes.

We plan the seeding, cultivate relationships with the target and collect findings so that a Brand can organically adapt, grow and flourish.