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Celeste Despres-Sheres


Current Title: 

Certified Financial Planner® Financial Advisor


Certified Financial Planner® Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley


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Full Biography: 

My name is Celeste Despres- Sheres; I am a Financial Advisor and Certified Financial Planner® at Morgan Stanley in the Pasadena, CA branch. I focus on helping retirees, business owners and Woman in transition achieve and maintain financial independence.

I have more than 20 years experience in the industry. My extensive knowledge of the resources and capabilities of Morgan Stanley and the Capital Markets group allows me to offer my clients a distinct advantage. Morgan Stanley Wealth Management has meaningful intelligence in every major asset class and a presence in every major market, as well as investment research from some of the world's most respected analysts. I use this vast array of resources to help you decide how to invest in the way that fits your financial, social and personal goals. Together, we will formulate a strategy to help you achieve your goals.