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Deborah Castro


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Owner, Creative Productions


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As founder of Creative Productions, Deborah’s vision and thought leadership have kept the company at the forefront of integrated marketing solutions, employing technology as the driver for strategic and creative innovation throughout the company’s more than 15 year history.

As a driving force behind the company’s powerful campaigns, Deborah is committed to new, better and different ways to approach customer engagement, which has resulted in both national and international recognition for breakthrough campaigns that have delivered unmatched ROI in their categories. Leading the company to over 150 awards ranging from marketing, advertising, video and web applications is proof that Deborah has assembled a team of top professionals who can move seamlessly across multiple media and touchpoints to exceed client expectations.

A true entrepreneur, Deborah started her first business at age 17, purchasing a franchise business, setting up an office, and operating the business while attending college full-time.

Completely self-funded, the company has grown to a multi-million dollar small business, proving its personalized service and smart thinking can compete against larger, less agile competitors. It’s that same can-do spirit that propels the Deborah to push for new ways to approach marketing solutions for clients’ business challenges.

Specialties:I integrate strategy, creative and technology. Innovative marketing for consumer promotions, website development, email, mobile, grassroots campaigns, cross promotions, and promotional partnerships for some of the country’s biggest brands representing entertainment, automotive, and consumer products. I offer expertise in mixed media convergence that is required to develop relevant communications and content. I am a passionate about pitching big ideas and winning!