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Teresa DiJoseph


Current Title: 

Skin Care Specialist


owner of Neodermskincare/Newport Beach Academy of Esthetics

First Name: 


Last name: 


Full Biography: 

Teresa DiJoseph, founder and President of Neoderm Skin and Body Care, is a long-time resident of Southern California. Teri brings over 25 years of experience in the beauty industry. Her extensive background includes collaborating with certified plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills, as well as assisting ABC Studios, Revlon Cosmetics and Neiman Marcus.

Her clientele includes many well-known celebrities and other successful persons in varied businesses and walks of life.

Teri's treatments and skin care approach can result in reaching and maintaining an optimum state of heathy skin. Using a carefully supervised combination of Neoderm Skin Care Products and Teri's own personal methodology successfully delivers glowing skin.

My name is Teresa M DiJoseph. I am a seasonal licensed professional with European and US credentials. I have the “Best Kept Secret” for skincare that is based on science, health and beauty with results! Using Neoderm Skincare Products and the “Neoderm Skincare Process” will provide the necessary elements to achieve a more radiant skin.