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Jill Lewis


Current Title: 

Design Manager


Design Manager

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Full Biography: 

As the Design Manager for Private Trade Winds, Jill uses her decade of experience as an interior design expert to maximize the pleasure of PTW’s traveling guests, and to maximize value for PTW’s vacation homeowners. Prior to joining Private Trade Winds, she designed the interiors of over 200 luxury homes while working at Kreiss Collection, as well as building her own practice doing specialty projects for private luxury home owners. Jill has travelled all over the world, and has lived in places as diverse as Beirut, Australia and Switzerland. Today, she is particularly passionate about the culture and architecture of Europe, and she is leading our efforts to acquire more villas in Italy, France and Spain.

Among other responsibilities, Jill heads the Private Trade Winds Villa Evaluation Team, a multi-disciplinary team that personally inspects every property considered for entry into our worldwide villa portfolio. Sometimes we call it our “Tough Love Team,” because they insist on the extremely high quality in comfort, design and amenities that our traveling clients have come to expect. They look first for absolute pristine cleanliness and a fresh feeling throughout. Kitchens must be well-equipped, with attractive matching silverware, a complete set of matching kitchenware, and matching high-end appliances such as coffee-makers. Kitchens to be designated as “gourmet” must have amenities such as commercial-quality ranges and sub-zero refrigerators. Jill was one of the primary architects of our 100-Point Luxury Assurance Test.