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Debra Mars


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CEO at Gifted by dezyn


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October 1, 2013 marked 25 years as a promotional marketing entrepreneur (Mars Promotional Services Inc. and Gifted by Dezyn Inc.). It also marked a pivotal change in my life mapping. Since 1988 I have had the privilege to service clients such as The NFL, Frito-Lay, HBO, BET, ASPIRE, FORD Motors, JCPenney and Susan G. KOMEN. Prior to hanging my entrepreneurial shingle I was a Marketing Executive for General Mills, Coca Cola and Frito Lay; specializing in brand management and consumer promotions. My last two years at Frito Lay I was responsible for managing the minority business development program. During my tenure in the MBD department I authored The Business in the Mainstream entrepreneurial coaching series. I am told this nationally executed, four pronged curriculum was a key factor in our being awarded Corporation of the Year by the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC). Instructing, Coaching and Mentoring has always been a part of my DNA. These are the things that provide me the most professional fulfillment.

I believe all paths lead to our ultimate purpose, if we allow ourselves to listen to our lives. Collectively my past vocational and personal journeys have beckoned my urgent need for transparent self -expression. Moving forward, I will selectively leverage my entrepreneurial spirit, marketing expertise, professional resources and passion for writing to focus on initiatives that advocate women’s safety and spirituality in addition to their emotional, physical and financial health. In addition to the March 2014 national release of my new book: Death of a Fairy Tale (, I will continue to write, blog ( and publically address audiences on the subject of Reigning over Adversity and achieving self actualization.