How to Stay Focused at Work

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How to Stay Focused at Work

In today’s hyper switched-on world, keeping your eyes on the prize can be a serious challenge at the best of times. 4 basic tenets to productivity.

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I bet you’re wondering how you can pitch journalists to get results.. Readers ask me the best ways to do this all the time. And every time, I tell them the same thing: Rethink your approach to PR.


Create more, better and deeper relationships than the next guy and you just might have a business. What kind of relationships? Vendors, Advisors, Friends, Family, Investors, and Employees.


A blog can prove a powerful tool for entrepreneurs, capable of exposing millions of people to their ideas, concepts, and advice. That potential influence means that starting a blog can strengthen (and grow) an entrepreneur's reach, by allowing them to differentiate themselves from the ever-growing pack.


Some good cold email concepts when pitching potential influencers.