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We are bombarded with content all day long. As stated.. "after you’re done reading this you’ll probably go check your ad-filled Facebook feed. Then Instagram. Then Snapchat. Then email. Then Netflix." How do you want to stand out and be remembered throughout this hypothetical person's day?


Fascinating look into some highly successful ambassador programs and the perks that these new companies are employing. Great insights if you use social media as a main chanel for growth.


Some good marketing basics on staying fresh and constant in the minds of your potential customers with "familiarity bias" via social media and retargeting. Also interesting of note, there are 50 million small businesses on Facebook.


Fascinating insight into the gaming sector. Gamers (today's millenials) use YouTube as their number #1 destination for finding content that influences their purchasing decision. We see that this behavior is not only confined to the gaming industry, but numerous other sectors as well, such as, cosmetics, electronics, services, etc. Consumers put more trust into video than text and YouTube is the destination to see reviews from sites or trusted people 


Moz's interesting content marketing scoring system. They talk about how hard it is to do analytics for content marketing. How do you know your content marketing piece was successful? And the trap of thinking that if something gets a lot of likes, then it must be successful. Read more to learn to see the forest from the trees.


Display social proof on your website by todays standards is the bare minimum. Here is a good list of 17 types of social proof you can display.  Make sure you have good variety of different types to display on your landing page but make sure you dont overclutter.


Micro copy is small pieces of text on your website. Such as form labels, buttons, etc. Learn how to optimize and tweak these minor bits and pieces to influence your conversion.


"Brilliant piece of psychology marketers use to influence conversion. Famously used by Apple and Steve Jobs to sell the first iPad. 

Good examples of use would be on price setting."


A lot of people ask me “How did you manage to grow so fast without any investment dollars?” ..we were looking for a fast and cheap way to grow our subscriber base. Fortunately, I stumbled upon a video on YouTube where a girl with 150,000 followers was talking about her favorite products that she had been using that month. ...resulting review from this girl brought us almost 100 sales in 2 days. The economics were incredible. One month of our subscription costs $14.95, and I got 100 sales. My resulting CPA was $0.14 per customer. It was a game changer for us."

Great article on influencer marketing.


We love the bit on saving interesting content from the web and automating it into a spreadsheet. We also will borrow their cold email tips when approaching sponsors.

"Hi, my name is Sagi, I’m a husband, a father of 2 amazing children + dog, a martial artist, a full time design director at a scaling startup, and have founded multiple side projects that I keep on maintaining and scaling.

In the following article I will share:

My story
Practical tips on how I created and scaled my side projects (A.K.A. how to monetize a low traffic blog)
And explain my “why’s” for doing it
I hope that this story will inspire you to create you own side projects, and will be interesting to you as a story on it’s own."